Artists Collaboration

We often collaborate with artists outside the grunt gallery workshops. More recently, we’ve collaborated with artists creating geolocated audio stories. Here are stories from our collaborators.

Image of abandoned vacant lot and building with graffiti

JD Phone Home

James Diamond's personal tour of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, sharing his personal experiences of housing and reflecting on the meaning of...

My Global Warming

Living with Multiple Sclerosis has been a process of adapting to a changing environment in which some of my physical...

A woman is dancing outdoors in front of a green tree.

Tick and Talk of Common Time

a 32:25 min video with 15 Vancouver dancers, many TikTok performers, 5 Canadian composers, 2 vocal transcribers, 1 AV designer...

Noel at the Farm (detail) by artist Angela Walcott

The People’s Garden Project

Noel at the Farm, watercolour by Angela Walcott Toronto artist Angela Walcott presents her second geolocation project with Digital Stories...

360 video image of Roberto Molino in his wheelchair outdoors

City We Live In

Roll through Vancouver's Olympic Village with Roberto Molino (retired Paralympian athlete) as he experiences the physical barriers that are an...

Meeting a Unicorn

Michelle La Flamme and her friend Cappy the horse Introducing Michelle La Flamme and her friend Cappy the horse. Cappy...

Graphic collage of Love and Peace and participant faces for Talking Poles

Talking Poles

A collaboration between Lorna Boschman, Victoria Moulder, T’uy’t’tanat Cease Wyss and local community members who shared their voices and drumming.

Sculptures of laughing people outdoors in Vancouver

5 Pearls

These small audio pearls reflect a yearning and a discovery of the area around where I now live in Vancouver’s...

Mural of crows painted on the side of a building shows two crows

Echoes of Movement

A soundscape inspired by the comings and goings of people, creatures, and things over time. From the historic train-stopping Militant...

Relaxing at Peterson Creek with Chris Bose

Kamloops Art Tour

Artist Chris Bose takes us on a tour of his favourite Kamloops arts spots. He begins with murals he co-created...

Black and white photo of the narrator's father Beverley.

The Beverley Project

Actor David Fox met his father, Beverley, for the first time when he was five years old, living in Northern...

A man checks water samples in 1911.

Dr. Water

My great-grandfather, Dr. Charles Sheard, fought water-borne illness and smallpox in early Toronto.

A woman is lying on a 4 poster bed

The Bed

In 2015, my parents died and I inherited my great-great grandfather's mahogany four-poster bed. I began sleeping in it, dreaming...

Self Isolation Spirits thumbnail

Self-isolation Spirits

The demolition of Lord Nelson School, an edifice familiar to this east Vancouver neighbourhood since 1911 has awakened angry spirits.

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