Artists Collaboration

Lorna collaborates with artists outside the grunt gallery workshops. And some artists create work that fits well with our goal of sharing experiences though community storytelling.

Mural of crows painted on the side of a building shows two crows

Echoes of Movement

A soundscape inspired by the comings and goings of people, creatures, and things over time. From the historic train-stopping Militant...

Relaxing at Peterson Creek with Chris Bose

Kamloops Art Tour

Artist Chris Bose takes us on a tour of his favourite Kamloops arts spots. He begins with murals he co-created...

Black and white photo of the narrator's father Beverley.

The Beverley Project

Actor David Fox met his father, Beverley, for the first time when he was five years old, living in Northern...

barbara findlay 2021 dancing

Til the Fat Lady Dances

This evocative dance was choreographed and performed by barbara findlay for All Bodies Dance during their HomeBodies covid series in...

A man checks water samples in 1911.

Dr. Water

My great-grandfather, Dr. Charles Sheard, fought water-borne illness and smallpox in early Toronto.

A woman is lying on a 4 poster bed

The Bed

In 2015, my parents died and I inherited my great-great grandfather's mahogany four-poster bed. I began sleeping in it, dreaming...

Collaged images of hands, hand with flowers

On the Other Hand

In March 2020, artist Randy Lee Cutler responded to the pandemic by creating collages inspired by images of hands.

Self Isolation Spirits thumbnail

Self-isolation Spirits

The demolition of Lord Nelson School, an edifice familiar to this east Vancouver neighbourhood since 1911 has awakened angry spirits.

Self Isolation Blancmange thumbnail

Self-isolation Blancmange

What happens when your power goes out in a windstorm? You’re running out of ingredients, the pandemic strikes, yet you...

erosion thumbnail


Visceral visual meditation and reflection on how we perceive change over time.

Labyrinths thumbnail


Homage to 13 local Labyrinths. Imagine the Labyrinths are portals to one another, making travel from one Vancouver neighbourhood to...

A Reno of Love thumbnail

A Reno of Love

Artists renovated and beautified a heritage house with family and then lost it in Vancouver's red hot housing market.