BIPOC Stories

Introducing stories from our BIPOC collaborators, created inside and outside community digital storytelling workshops and our artist-led research.

With a red backdrop, a collection of food scraps including vegetable and pineapple scraps are overflowing a white ceramic bowl

Still Life/Still

A pictorial timeline expressed with the food scraps leftover from meal preparation and caregiving served to family during the illness...

Indigenous woman with happy face paint including Green Turtle image over her eye is asking Hello. Is everything OK?

Everyone Belongs

Coco Eskotew’s powerful challenge to a bully’s “silent treatment” grows out of her ability as a painter to express metaphors.

Eight images of clay animation, beginning with images of the artist with clay on their face, transforming into the coloured clay images from later in the digital story.

The Other Side

The Other Side combines motion pictures, stop motion and images to reflect each human going through their memories, solitude, metamorphosis.

Brenda Prince…joke teller

Brenda took part in the grunt gallery Digital Story Workshop in February, 2023. She created a vignette of her comedy...

Noel at the Farm (detail) by artist Angela Walcott

The People’s Garden Project

Noel at the Farm, watercolour by Angela Walcott Toronto artist Angela Walcott presents her second geolocation project with Digital Stories...

360 video image of Roberto Molino in his wheelchair outdoors

City We Live In

Roll through Vancouver's Olympic Village with Roberto Molino (retired Paralympian athlete) as he experiences the physical barriers that are an...

Meeting a Unicorn

Michelle La Flamme and her friend Cappy the horse Introducing Michelle La Flamme and her friend Cappy the horse. Cappy...

The Artist’s Way

In The Artist’s Way, Toronto-based freelance writer and visual artist Angela Walcott talks about her journey as an artist.

Graphic collage of Love and Peace and participant faces for Talking Poles

Talking Poles

A collaboration between Lorna Boschman, Victoria Moulder, T’uy’t’tanat Cease Wyss and local community members who shared their voices and drumming.

Tomato salad arranged on a blue plate

Solitary Dining

Creative photographer Cherry Archer documented her meals during 2020, enjoying solitary dining at its finest!

Detail of Untitled - Indigenous woman's face with Respect and Accept under her eyes


Coco documents her process and techniques as an artist while she creates a painting encouraging people to accept and respect...

Sculptures of laughing people outdoors in Vancouver

5 Pearls

These small audio pearls reflect a yearning and a discovery of the area around where I now live in Vancouver’s...

Relaxing at Peterson Creek with Chris Bose

Kamloops Art Tour

Artist Chris Bose takes us on a tour of his favourite Kamloops arts spots. He begins with murals he co-created...

A grandma with unbound feet

Cynthia Lam and Rita Chen Zeng talk about their grandmothers’ influence in showing them how to live in a more...

Michelle with a mural featuring a Black woman on a red background

Artists’ Memories of Mount Pleasant

Michelle La Flamme began this sound walk about Vancouver’s creative hub Mount Pleasant in August 2021. Walk through the area...

Stop Sign with cherry blossoms in the background


Grace Chan shines a light on the situation of Asian seniors in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES). Her message is...

Lulu's Story thumbnail

Lulu’s Story

Moving to big town Vancouver helped Lulu to develop her fashion career and connect with other trans folks.

Malpractice thumbnail


An Indigenous healthcare worker in Vancouver encounters systemic racism firsthand and tells us about her experience in Malpractice.

But Where Are You From thumbnail

But where are you from from?

My short story focuses on a walk towards China Creek North Park which was once a critical point of convergence...

Vee Jump Nature Nurtures thumbnail

Vee Jump!! & Nature Nurtures

Stretching and expanding her body in nature as it nurtures, while still aware of approaching gentrification.

soy chicken qingming thumbnail

soy chicken qingming

How Instagram and honouring ancestors through qingming come together over a plate of soy chicken in a cafe.

breakfast with h thumbnail

Breakfast with H

Aubin Kwon's watercolours tell the story of going out for a meal with his mother, stimulating a flow of hometown...

Three Little Birds thumbnail

Three Little Birds

Walker shares the Cree names of her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather Cheepoostatin, three gentle men with a powerful influence.

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