Introducing performances by independent artists, created inside and outside community digital storytelling workshops.

Folk Costume Fashion

Folk Costume Fashion

Folk Costume Fashion traces the story of my mother’s folk costume and her journey to meet family in Finland and...

The Truths I Tell My Friends thumbnail

The Truths I Tell My Friends

For an artist who communicates with her plants, the world grows greener by the day. Her plant friends become her...

Self Isolation Spirits thumbnail

Self-isolation Spirits

The demolition of Lord Nelson School, an edifice familiar to this east Vancouver neighbourhood since 1911 has awakened angry spirits.

Brenda Prince…joke teller

Brenda took part in the grunt gallery Digital Story Workshop in February, 2023. She created a vignette of her comedy...

A woman is lying on a 4 poster bed

The Bed

In 2015, my parents died and I inherited my great-great grandfather's mahogany four-poster bed. I began sleeping in it, dreaming...

But Where Are You From thumbnail

But where are you from from?

My short story focuses on a walk towards China Creek North Park which was once a critical point of convergence...

A woman is dancing outdoors in front of a green tree.

Tick and Talk of Common Time

a 32:25 min video with 15 Vancouver dancers, many TikTok performers, 5 Canadian composers, 2 vocal transcribers, 1 AV designer...

Toby Sharp explains academic connections to the Trans Mountain pipeline

Toby Sharp Energy Dragon

Heather McLean reflects on the gendered dimensions and settler colonial politics of corporatised university research.

alice hamilton belvedere

belvedere / a love story

Alice Hamilton's lyrical homage to the Belvedere, a local apartment building where residents are threatened by renoviction.

Self Isolation Blancmange thumbnail

Self-isolation Blancmange

What happens when your power goes out in a windstorm? You’re running out of ingredients, the pandemic strikes, yet you...

A woman's face is overlaid with waves of water.

Comedy Club Dream

Michal Tkachenko explores a dream that resembles real life. Imagine you have the stage. Now what are you going to...

Til the Fat Lady Dances

This evocative dance was choreographed and performed by barbara findlay for All Bodies Dance during their HomeBodies covid series in...

Stylized image of fire burning old masks in shades of yellow and orange

Want to Be (New Again)

In the past 4 years I have been through a process of unmasking, layer after layer, so many parts of...

An ocean wave is painted in blue and green colours, overlaid with the image of the artist in a bathing suit. A black title reads QUANTUM SMACK!


High tide and sunrise coincide on a chilly winter's day at the edge of the North West Pacific Ocean 0717hrs...

Labyrinths thumbnail


Imagine the 13 Labyrinths are portals to one another, making travel from one Vancouver neighbourhood to another a form of...

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