LGBT2Q+ Stories

Introducing stories by and about LGBT2Q+ people, created inside and outside community digital storytelling workshops.

Image of abandoned vacant lot and building with graffiti

JD Phone Home

James Diamond's personal tour of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, sharing his personal experiences of housing and reflecting on the meaning of...

Lulu's Story thumbnail

Lulu’s Story

Moving to big town Vancouver helped Lulu to develop her fashion career and connect with other trans folks.

Agawa Canyon

Harris Taylor’s Agawa Canyon

Harris' mother worked on the Agawa Canyon Railway. Artists from Canada's Group of Seven frequently visited and interacted with her...

harry grunsky humboldt

Harry Grunsky’s Humboldt

Harry Grunsky, a gay man, returns to his hometown of Humboldt, Saskatchewan after a tragic road accident devastated the local...

don martin here we come mount pleasant

Here We Come Mount Pleasant

Don Martin's delightful tour of Mount Pleasant breweries with an old friend includes a musical tribute to classic television.

My Global Warming

Living with Multiple Sclerosis has been a process of adapting to a changing environment in which some of my physical...

painting of a woman is superimposed over a sunny garden

Verena Stefan’s just being

All night, Antouka had been thinking about death and dying. Fourteen years into cancer and some years into writing about...

apt 411


Snapshots of life in Apt.#411 document the daily life of Kate Barry (the storyteller) and her trans partner.

Eight images of clay animation, beginning with images of the artist with clay on their face, transforming into the coloured clay images from later in the digital story.

The Other Side

The Other Side combines motion pictures, stop motion and images to reflect each human going through their memories, solitude, metamorphosis.

Stylized image of fire burning old masks in shades of yellow and orange

Want to Be (New Again)

In the past 4 years I have been through a process of unmasking, layer after layer, so many parts of...

Til the Fat Lady Dances

This evocative dance was choreographed and performed by barbara findlay for All Bodies Dance during their HomeBodies covid series in...

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