Climate Change Stories

Introducing stories about climate change, created inside and outside community digital storytelling workshops and our artist-led research.

My Global Warming

Living with Multiple Sclerosis has been a process of adapting to a changing environment in which some of my physical...

Toby Sharp explains academic connections to the Trans Mountain pipeline

Toby Sharp Energy Dragon

Heather McLean reflects on the gendered dimensions and settler colonial politics of corporatised university research.

Vee Jump Nature Nurtures thumbnail

Vee Jump!! & Nature Nurtures

Stretching and expanding her body in nature as it nurtures, while still aware of approaching gentrification.

Crawling Around by Dorothy Doherty. A stink bug appear in vertical panels, walking inside a clear glass jar.

Crawling Around

It was never my intention to create a video about Stink Bugs. Rather, I caught the bugs in glass jars...

erosion thumbnail


Visceral visual meditation and reflection on how we perceive change over time.

No Vacancy thumbnail

No Vacancy

No one believed her when she said that wildlife occupied her basement so this artist set up a camera, recording...

A grandma with unbound feet

Cynthia Lam and Rita Chen Zeng talk about their grandmothers’ influence in showing them how to live in a more...

one garden at a time thumbnail

…one garden at a time

A special thanks to all of those who have walked the garden path with me. A grand nod to all...

An ocean wave is painted in blue and green colours, overlaid with the image of the artist in a bathing suit. A black title reads QUANTUM SMACK!


High tide and sunrise coincide on a chilly winter's day at the edge of the North West Pacific Ocean 0717hrs...

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