Introducing some of the more unusual or quirky stories created inside and outside our community digital storytelling workshops.

The Truths I Tell My Friends thumbnail

The Truths I Tell My Friends

For an artist who communicates with her plants, the world grows greener by the day. Her plant friends become her...

off the map thumbnail

Off the Map

Extending the boundaries of Mount Pleasant in a futuristic game/story. Once there, you may not be able to leave.

don martin here we come mount pleasant

Here We Come Mount Pleasant

Don Martin's delightful tour of Mount Pleasant breweries with an old friend includes a musical tribute to classic television.

Toby Sharp explains academic connections to the Trans Mountain pipeline

Toby Sharp Energy Dragon

Heather McLean reflects on the gendered dimensions and settler colonial politics of corporatised university research.

gordon waselnuk a man dressed in a long haired brown wig

Be Cool

Artist Gordon Waselnuk explores Mount Pleasant fashion by dressing in numerous styles he's seen around the neighbourhood.

Brenda Prince…joke teller

Brenda took part in the grunt gallery Digital Story Workshop in February, 2023. She created a vignette of her comedy...

Self Isolation Spirits thumbnail

Self-isolation Spirits

The demolition of Lord Nelson School, an edifice familiar to this east Vancouver neighbourhood since 1911 has awakened angry spirits.

Crawling Around by Dorothy Doherty. A stink bug appear in vertical panels, walking inside a clear glass jar.

Crawling Around

It was never my intention to create a video about Stink Bugs. Rather, I caught the bugs in glass jars...

Self Isolation Blancmange thumbnail

Self-isolation Blancmange

What happens when your power goes out in a windstorm? You’re running out of ingredients, the pandemic strikes, yet you...

Three women in aprons. Daughter measures ingredients

Mother Daughter Bake-Off

Our episodic cooking show, Jill and Lorna’s Kitchen, travels to exotic Finn Slough (outside Vancouver BC), home of Lady Justice...

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