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On a rainy day at the end of June, your host takes you to the site of Lord Nelson School, an edifice familiar to this east Vancouver neighbourhood since 1911. It is in the process of being demolished, and some seriously cheesed off spirits descend upon our host, who convinces them to join her in a two-metre monster dance. They are being mindful of social distancing in the preternatural world.

Location Manager: Adam Frederick
Props/Wardrobe: Professor Saximilian
Cameraman: Mr. Wright
Writer/Producer: Jill Mandrake
Editor: Lorna Boschman
Music: “Rumble at Pearson High”, Sister DJ’s Radio Band (recorded at Barrell House Sound, Vancouver, British Columbia)

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  • Elly Crawford 5 months ago

    Love it! Spookey and funny simultaneously! Great job Lorna and Jill!