Family Stories

Introducing stories about families, created inside and outside community digital storytelling workshops.

soy chicken qingming thumbnail

soy chicken qingming

How Instagram and honouring ancestors through qingming come together over a plate of soy chicken in a cafe.

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"How do you say soul in your language?" asks storyteller Jaz Papadopoulos as they explore legacy and identity.

apt 411


Snapshots of life in Apt.#411 document the daily life of Kate Barry (the storyteller) and her trans partner.

Brenda Prince…joke teller

Brenda took part in the grunt gallery Digital Story Workshop in February, 2023. She created a vignette of her comedy...

harry grunsky humboldt

Harry Grunsky’s Humboldt

Harry Grunsky, a gay man, returns to his hometown of Humboldt, Saskatchewan after a tragic road accident devastated the local...

silent azaan

Silent Azaan

Zool Suleman explores the Silent Azaan, the Muslim call to prayer heard five times daily around the world but not...

kelly roulettes small dog

Kelly Roulette’s Small Dog

Kelly Roulette's family dog was named Small by her daughter when he joined their household. His job is to be...

Josephine Watson Over The Rainbow thumbnail

Over The Rainbow

Josephine Watson's poetic and evocative story about raising children as a single mother features her vibrant paintings.

Three Little Birds thumbnail

Three Little Birds

Walker shares the Cree names of her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather Cheepoostatin, three gentle men with a powerful influence.

Folk Costume Fashion

Folk Costume Fashion

Folk Costume Fashion traces the story of my mother’s folk costume and her journey to meet family in Finland and...

claire roberts migration


Created during grunt gallery’s 2018 Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen Digital Storytelling workshops with Mount Pleasant residents.

Young Filipino-Australian girl with long dark hair in a striped top

April’s First Story

Following a DNA test in Australia, April learns that her bio dad was a Canadian sailor. She and her Canadian...

Sculptures of laughing people outdoors in Vancouver

5 Pearls

These small audio pearls reflect a yearning and a discovery of the area around where I now live in Vancouver’s...

breakfast with h thumbnail

Breakfast with H

Aubin Kwon's watercolours tell the story of going out for a meal with his mother, stimulating a flow of hometown...

Agawa Canyon

Harris Taylor’s Agawa Canyon

Harris' mother worked on the Agawa Canyon Railway. Artists from Canada's Group of Seven frequently visited and interacted with her...

A woman is lying on a 4 poster bed

The Bed

In 2015, my parents died and I inherited my great-great grandfather's mahogany four-poster bed. I began sleeping in it, dreaming...

Three women in aprons. Daughter measures ingredients

Mother Daughter Bake-Off

Our episodic cooking show, Jill and Lorna’s Kitchen, travels to exotic Finn Slough (outside Vancouver BC), home of Lady Justice...

When Mommy Was Your Age thumbnail

When Mommy Was Your Age

A woman narrates her daughter's unique childhood for her grandchildren so they can view their mother in a new light.

A grandma with unbound feet

Cynthia Lam and Rita Chen Zeng talk about their grandmothers’ influence in showing them how to live in a more...

A man checks water samples in 1911.

Dr. Water

My great-grandfather, Dr. Charles Sheard, fought water-borne illness and smallpox in early Toronto.

Black and white photo of the narrator's father Beverley.

The Beverley Project

Actor David Fox met his father, Beverley, for the first time when he was five years old, living in Northern...

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