JD Phone Home

James Diamond’s tour of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, sharing his personal experiences of housing and reflecting on the meaning of home.

Artist Bio

James Diamond is a multidiscipinary experimental artist. His past film/video works, including the award winning Man from Venus, Outline, and Mars Womb Man have screened internationally for over a decade. As an outsider artist, he had the honour of presenting his first film retrospective in Toronto at the age of 35 at Toronto’s Rhubarb Performance Arts Festival. His films continue to be screened internationally in gritty underground festivals and more established venues alike, such as the National Film Board of Canada and for academic purposes. His paintings have been curated extensively across North America/Turtle Island where he currently resides. While his work transcends typical categorization, it is has been described as experimental, political, and autobiographical. Through video, theatre, music and painting, he exposes and entwines intimate accounts; analyzing and cultivating genders, sexualities, experiences of mental illness and poverty as a trans anti-zionist, white, jewish settler.


Digital Storyteller, Videographer and Editor: James Diamond
Mentors: Lorna Boschman and Sebnem Ozpeta.
Created during a workshop with DTES Artists Grants Program, Vancouver Foundation.

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