Sharing your files from a cell

Now let’s have a look at how you share your files.

If you are uploading a sound recording to share on social media, and you have Instagram, Facebook etc. on your cell, you can upload a video directly from your cell.

If you are sending the file to your desktop computer, a tablet or to an editor, you have many choices. Options include AirDrop (or iCloud) for Mac/iPhone or pairing between devices using Bluetooth. You can attach the file to an email or share it using your Google Drive (after Google Drive is active to your cell). See below for some common options.


To share files between an iPhone and a Mac, go to the app you created it in. From there, use Airdrop to share the files.

You can also use iCloud to send files from your iPhone to a desktop computer.

It is possible to perform rough edits on your cell but desktops or tablets give you more room to view the options.

Sharing from Voice Memos

From Voice Memos, choose the file you'd like to share. Tap on the recording and then tap on the 3 dots menu.
3 dots menu opens the option to Share. Tap on Share...
Share menu detects nearby iMac with AirDrop. Message will send to another cell phone. Google Drive or email can sent to any device you've got Google on. When nothing else works, you can always Save to Files, then attach from Files in an email.

Sharing from Audio Recorder

After you record a file in Audio Recorder, you are asked to rename it from the default name. Tap the top left menu to see your files.
IPhone/Audio Recorder - You have 5 options. Choose Share.
IPhone/Audio Recorder - You have 5 options. Choose Share.
File was sent using AirDrop but you can also use Message to send to cell or use Google Drive to share with other Google users.


As I have a Mac computer, I am sending the audio files using this route. Easy Voice Recorder has a default setting to limit file sizes when sharing. So let’s turn that setting off first.

In Easy Voice Recorder, go to Settings and then tap on Advanced & troubleshooting.
At the bottom of the screen, make sure Compress PCM files when sharing is turned OFF.

Now we’re ready to share the file.

Sharing from Easy Voice Recorder

Tap on the file you want to share. Then tap on the sideways V Sharing icon to the left of the garbage icon.
Choose the Share method. Direct share is not available until I set up the Bluetooth. I will share using Google Drive.
Choose the Gmail address associated with your Google Drive and Press Save. The file can now be accessed on any of your devices connected to that Google Drive.

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