Creating an audio version

How will you approach creating an audio version of your book? Or making a podcast?

How will you record your sound? If you are using a cell phone, will it be comfortable to hold it in place while recording?

The workflow to create an audio version of a book or to record a podcast are quite similar. The Vancouver Public Library has a great tutorial to get you started creating your own podcast. Included are free media sources, including archival footage. Their instructions outline the process from recording to publishing.

Will you hire someone to perform the reading your book? Will you hire an editor to clean up your audio recording? If you are editing yourself, what software will you use? Will you edit on a computer (more screen space) or on your cell phone (fewer devices)?

In a quick internet search, you can learn a workflow to record audio for a published book – like this one from Podcastle. Just be aware that they are trying to sell you on a product or service. Their tutorial suggests publishing the audio book on Amazon/Audible’s ACX. Here’s another one from Kindlepreneur. I would start with these sorts of tutorials – do a search for “How to make an audiobook at home.”

In Vancouver, we have the Inspiration Lab at the Vancouver Public Library. Although their recording studios are still closed for ventilation renovation, you can access editing software at their workstations. They regularly offer courses on audio or video production, as well as online tutorials on Audio Editing with Audacity or REAPER

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