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Digital Storyteller, Editor, and Videographer: Ada Dragomir
Mentors: Lorna Boschman and Sebnem Ozpeta

Ada Dragomir statement: There are 13 Labyrinths dotting the interior and exterior landscapes of the Lower Mainland. In making this experimental video, I am choosing to imagine that the Labyrinths are portals to one another, making travel from one Vancouver neighbourhood to another a matter of walking meditation. 


Viewers are invited to join the cameras twisting motions as it begins at Renfrew Ravine, but soon strange things start to happen. At first, they’re hard to catch—just for the blink of an eye, we see other labyrinths, other places. Eventually these other sites become more insistent—invading our peaceful walk with loud colours. They continue to interject themselves and interrupt our meditation with greater frequency and demand our attention more urgently with supernatural hues, jerking us from place to place. Eventually we are completely absorbed, in more than one space simultaneously. We are confused and disoriented but compelled to keep looking. After a dizzying portal-hopping experience, all things return to the centre, to the ground.

Created during grunt gallery’s 2019 Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen Digital Storytelling workshops with Mount Pleasant residents. grunt gallery was founded in 1984 in Vancouver, BC with the vision to become an internationally renowned artist-run centre and further the practice of contemporary art. Through the exploration of our diverse Canadian cultural identity, we are able to offer public programming in the form of exhibitions, performances, artist talks, publications, and other special projects in the community. Our mandate is to inspire public dialogue by creating an environment conducive to the emergence of innovative, collaborative, and provocative contemporary art.

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