Comedy Club Dream

Michal Tkachenko explores a dream that resembles real life. Imagine you have the stage. Now what are you going to share about yourself?

Artist Bio

Michal Tkachenko is a Canadian/British visual artist currently based in Canada. Michal received her MA Fine
Art from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States, Africa and Europe and can be found in a number of collections including Ernst & Young (UK) and The Artists’ Special Book Collection at the University of the Arts London (Chelsea College Library) in the UK.

In her newest series Tkachenko is working with scale models recreating a variety of COVID dioramas representing the variety of experiences people are having when confined to their home during quarantines. Primarily a painter, Tkachenko’s work has examined the notion of celebrity, the traditional alter piece and the iconography of the saints. Past work looks at gluttony and food’s relationship to community. She has spent time re-looking, reflecting and mapping her face, misaligned through a life-threatening accident. After returning from living in Africa (Malawi, Liberia, and Morocco) she documented the effects of a 14-year civil war through a series of portraits. Michal is also the recipient of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant.


Digital Storyteller, Videographer and Sound Recordist: Michal Tkachenko
Sebnem Ozpeta
Mentors: Lorna Boschman and Sebnem Ozpeta.
Created during a workshop with DTES Artists Grants Program, Vancouver Foundation.
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