Intro to SERP for artists using Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest - keyword ideas for artists

Online marketers say ‘think like your audience’, but this is harder  without analytic tools. In previous tutorials, you were introduced to keyword phrases that people already use to find your site. 

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest focuses on keywords. Finding keywords that are popular enough to bring in an audience. Ubersuggest gives you clues on how to rank for suitable keywords, phrases and queries. They also suggest keyword phrases that are close to the ones your site already ranks for but are searched for more often.

There is always the option of subscribing to the Ubersuggest paid services, but I choose to use their information tools, while charting my own direction.

Let’s start finding Ubersuggest and asking it to give an overview of traffic to your site. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to register with Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest and begin to think of ways to expand the use of keyword phrases on your site.

How to create a free account on Ubersuggest
1. Create a free account on Ubersuggest
Register your site on Ubersuggest
2. Enter the information to register your site on Ubersuggest
Not sure which keywords to use
3. Not sure which keywords? Blue banner at top. Click - Yes, Help Me
Enter your website domain Ubersuggest
4. Enter your website domain into the keyword generator to obtain info from Ubersuggest
Add your geographic location
5. Add your geographic location or the area you are analyzing
Identify your competitor or a similar site
6. Identify your competitor or a similar site to yours
Export the list of keywords from Ubersuggest
7. Export the list of keywords from Ubersuggest
List of keywords from Ubersuggest
8. List of keywords from Ubersuggest

The list of keywords above show which are relevant for Digital Stories Canada. “Digital stories” has only 70 searches per month, while “story about a garden” has 1,000 people searching for it. What makes sense to me as the site owner might not be the search term that visitors use to find the site. There is only one page with a story about a garden, but why not optimize that page? As an artist or arts organization, you are of course trying to attract people to your home page. In SEO rankings and when dealing with search engines, it is useful to think about individual pages on your site that could bring more traffic overall.

After you have registered on Ubersuggest, set up a project and track your keywords over time. Use their tools to recognize other terms that might help visitors to find your site. If you think it would be useful, sign up for their 7 week action plan that will take you through optimizing your site, step by step. Be aware that this is a “sales funnel” designed to sell services by their team. 

Create a project in Ubersuggest
9. Create a project in Ubersuggest and explore the options
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