What to consider when preparing content for your session

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When you think about preparing the content for your session, what are the things that you want to consider?

The first thing to consider is the context of the online environment. For the session to be engaging, I believe it is critical to use as many of our senses as possible. This means thinking more than using just our speaking voice. Exercises that break up any kind of thinking work are very important to maintain a level of engagement. It’s a rule of mine that every hour I have at least 25 minutes of interactive activity for the students. It’s hard to do all the time but worth focusing on as a goal.

To generate a more formal agenda online, I’ve adapted the method that I use for in-person classes. This method is called BOPPPS. It is a methodology for teaching, but I find that it also is very useful for setting any kind of agenda.


Take a flip through these slides to get into BOPPPS in detail. This was adapted from UBC.





Using BOPPPS can really focus your sessions!

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