The Unique Mount Pleasant Triangle Building

Black and white image of the tip of the Triangle Building

This sound walk is a snapshot of a building, place and community I love, along with recollections of engaging with it for over 40 years and bits and pieces of architectural and historical information. It was put together in May/June of 2022, when things had opened up after just over two years of pandemic times. The Triangle Building has been an independent business and arts hub for decades. Its shops, and especially its restaurants, experienced monumental challenges during the Covid 19 ‘lockdown’ and various phases of health orders. Still, they managed to be incredibly flexible and pivot to take out, sidewalk pick up, and later to the various stages of the province’s restart. They were key, along with other local businesses in the area, to holding the community spirit of the neighbourhood together and providing much needed social connection. These small business entrepreneurs are, for me, local heroes.

If you want to visit the site with your mobile device, download the files from Sonic Maps for The Unique Mount Pleasant Triangle Building before heading out.