Jill Mandrake’s Dodgem Derby Book Trailer

Jill Mandrake Dodgem Derby

Book trailer for The Dodgem Derby, a young adult novel by Jill Mandrake, published by New Orphic Publishers, Nelson, BC. Chapbook available at geist.com and The People’s Co-op Bookstore, Vancouver, BC.

Jill Mandrake’s Waitin’ Till the Cows Come Home

Jill Mandrake Waitin Till the Cows Come Home

My idea of a digital story took the form of a music video. “Waitin’ Till the Cows Come Home” was a song Sister DJ’s Radio Band recorded at Scott Woolard’s Barrell House Sound, rather spontaneously, in 2004.

Harris Taylor’s Agawa Canyon

Agawa Canyon

Harris’ mother worked on the Agawa Canyon Railway. Artists from Canada’s Group of Seven frequently visited and interacted with her family.

Verena Stefan’s just being

painting of a woman is superimposed over a sunny garden

All night, Antouka had been thinking about death and dying. Fourteen years into cancer and some years into writing about that experience, Verena Stefan met Lorna Boschmann through the Cancer Margin project. They teamed up to translate into video what Verena had envisioned as a writer and visual artist. Antouka, the writer’s alter ego, takes an irreverent and philosophical look at everyday transformations, her lesbian love of 20 years and the question of the afterlife.