belvedere / a love story

alice hamilton belvedere

Alice Hamilton’s lyrical homage to the Belvedere, a local apartment building where residents are threatened by renoviction.

Harry Grunsky’s Humboldt

harry grunsky humboldt

Harry Grunsky, a gay man, returns to his hometown of Humboldt, Saskatchewan after a tragic road accident devastated the local hockey team.

Big Blue

Built in 1889, the big blue James Black Gallery has been a live-in art collective since the early 2000s in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant.

Here We Come Mount Pleasant

don martin here we come mount pleasant

Don Martin’s delightful tour of Mount Pleasant breweries with an old friend includes a musical tribute to classic television.

April’s First Story

Young Filipino-Australian girl with long dark hair in a striped top

Following a DNA test in Australia, April learns that her bio dad was a Canadian sailor. She and her Canadian cousins co-created this short.

Be Cool

gordon waselnuk a man dressed in a long haired brown wig

Artist Gordon Waselnuk explores Mount Pleasant fashion by dressing in numerous styles he’s seen around the neighbourhood.

A Chilean Refugee in Canada

A man sits on the couch and tells us the story of his earlier life

This summer, our #1 collaborator, Lorna Boschman, traveled to Sarnia with Leanne (her sis), the cinematographer for our story. We met Domingo “Dom” Araya, who recently retired from the millwright job he held for 35 years.

Mother Daughter Bake-Off

Three women in aprons. Daughter measures ingredients

Our episodic cooking show, Jill and Lorna’s Kitchen, travels to exotic Finn Slough (outside Vancouver BC), home of Lady Justice (Governor General Award winning multidisciplinary artist Margaret Dragu) and her daughter Aretha.