A grandma with unbound feet

Cynthia Lam and Rita Chen Zeng talk about their grandmothers’ influence in showing them how to live in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Artists’ Memories of Mount Pleasant

Michelle with a mural featuring a Black woman on a red background

Michelle La Flamme began this sound walk about Vancouver’s creative hub Mount Pleasant in August 2021. Walk through the area and hear how this location and the people here shaped her artistic path. Click on Full Version in the bottom right corner on Guidemate map above to view full screen. La Flamme Reflection This project … Read more

The Beverley Project

Black and white photo of the narrator's father Beverley.

Actor David Fox met his father, Beverley, for the first time when he was five years old, living in Northern Ontario. A few hours later, his father left again.


Stop Sign with cherry blossoms in the background

Grace Chan shines a light on the situation of Asian seniors in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES). Her message is clear – stop bullying seniors!

Til the Fat Lady Dances

This evocative dance was choreographed and performed by barbara findlay for All Bodies Dance during their HomeBodies covid series in 2021. It is a rumination on fatness and breast cancer.

Dr. Water

A man checks water samples in 1911.

My great-grandfather, Dr. Charles Sheard, fought water-borne illness and smallpox in early Toronto.

The Bed

A woman is lying on a 4 poster bed

In 2015, my parents died and I inherited my great-great grandfather’s mahogany four-poster bed. I began sleeping in it, dreaming sometimes about my ancestors.

Toby Sharp Energy Dragon

Toby Sharp explains academic connections to the Trans Mountain pipeline

Heather McLean reflects on the gendered dimensions and settler colonial politics of corporatised university research.

On the Other Hand

Collaged images of hands, hand with flowers

In March 2020, artist Randy Lee Cutler responded to the pandemic by creating collages inspired by images of hands.

Folk Costume Fashion

Folk Costume Fashion

Folk Costume Fashion traces the story of my mother’s folk costume and her journey to meet family in Finland and Sweden.

Bonnie Says

Bonnie Says

Jackie Dives’ brilliant homage to living under the initial pandemic lock-down. In April 2020, many of us looked forward to daily updates from our Provincial Medical Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.