Jill Mandrake’s Waitin’ Till the Cows Come Home

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Director Statement:  My idea of a digital story took the form of a music video.  “Waitin’ Till the Cows Come Home” was a song Sister DJ’s Radio Band recorded at Scott Woolard’s Barrell House Sound, rather spontaneously, in 2004.  Then, in 2008, Lorna Boschman filmed our band at a couple of venues.  This film was buried amongst some files for several years, and Lorna managed to unearth it after extensive searching.  I wanted to show this archival footage, to preserve the happy memories of when our band was together.

I am grateful to Lorna for the camera and editing work, and to Sebnem Ozpeta, for getting this project started at the Art of Digital Storytelling workshop.  I knew I wanted to share this little-known song, but didn’t know how to go about making it watchable.  Thanks also to the principals of the film and/or the song:  Ivy (the toddler), Barry, Judith, Quentin, Dave, Eddie, Brian and Patty.

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