The Unique Mount Pleasant Triangle Building

Black and white image of the tip of the Triangle Building

The Triangle Building has been an independent business and arts hub for decades. Its shops, and especially its restaurants, experienced monumental challenges during the Covid 19 ‘lockdown’ and various phases of health orders.

The Artist’s Way

Angela Walcott Flowerfield - beaded flowers in yellow and green colours

In The Artist’s Way, Toronto-based freelance writer and visual artist Angela Walcott talks about her journey as an artist.

Talking Poles

Graphic collage of Love and Peace and participant faces for Talking Poles

A collaboration between Lorna Boschman, Victoria Moulder, T’uy’t’tanat Cease Wyss and local community members who shared their voices and drumming.

Solitary Dining

Tomato salad arranged on a blue plate

Creative photographer Cherry Archer documented her meals during 2020, enjoying solitary dining at its finest!


Painting by Coco of Indigenous woman in red dress with accept and respect printed on her cheeks

Coco documents her process and techniques as an artist while she creates a painting encouraging people to accept and respect Indigenous women. We worked together on Coco’s digital story during a workshop at the Carnegie Centre in Vancouver, in a program supported by the grunt gallery and Vancouver Foundation.

5 Pearls

Sculptures of laughing people outdoors in Vancouver

These small audio pearls reflect a yearning and a discovery of the area around where I now live in Vancouver’s West End. I walk these areas often and have used recorded sounds from the area as well as some pre-recorded sounds.

Echoes of Movement

Mural of crows painted on the side of a building shows two crows

A soundscape inspired by the comings and goings of people, creatures, and things over time.

From the historic train-stopping Militant Mothers of Raymur, to crow migrations over the ghosts of streetcar lines, to slick moves in a grassroots skatepark, Echoes of Movement turns location recordings into music.

Kamloops Art Tour

Relaxing at Peterson Creek with Chris Bose

Artist Chris Bose takes us on a tour of his favourite Kamloops arts spots.
He begins with murals he co-created with community members at the Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship and the Immigrant Services Centres.
Next, check out the Free Wall, a place where graffiti is legal. Then relax on a bench with a view at Peterson Creek Park.

Tell Me A Story: An invitation from Suzuki Elders

Older Asian woman helps children in informal group

The Suzuki Elders are a voluntary association of self-identified elders, working with and through the David Suzuki Foundation. They support other elders and younger generations through dialogue and action on environmental issues. Five of the elders share what they’ve learned from these collaborations.

A grandma with unbound feet

Cynthia Lam and Rita Chen Zeng talk about their grandmothers’ influence in showing them how to live in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Artists’ Memories of Mount Pleasant

Michelle with a mural featuring a Black woman on a red background

Michelle La Flamme began this sound walk about Vancouver’s creative hub Mount Pleasant in August 2021. Walk through the area and hear how this location and the people here shaped her artistic path. Click on Full Version in the bottom right corner on Guidemate map above to view full screen. La Flamme Reflection This project … Read more