6. Find keyword phrases that connect

Ubersuggest - keyword ideas for artists

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest provides a slightly different interface. Their focus is on keywords. Finding keywords that are popular enough to bring in an audience. Ubersuggest gives you ideas on how to rank for suitable keywords, phrases and queries. There is always the option of subscribing to their paid services, but I choose to use their information tools, while charting my own direction. With that in mind, my suggestions include ways to avoid sending any marketing group your email address (unless you choose to do so).

The full assessment of your site takes about 10 minutes. Your screen will look something like the image below. Organic traffic refers to site visitors who locate your site by entering a keyword, phrase or query into the search engine. As you can see, according to Ubersuggest, there are 166 organic keywords in play. The monthly traffic is 25; the domain score is 12. And the number of backlinks is 698. While the numbers may differ from the Moz reports, the thing I’m looking for is an improvement over time.

Looking at the left side menu, you see that the report is under Traffic Analyzer heading, the overview.

Ubersuggest report on organic traffic to the site
Ubersuggest report on organic traffic to the Digital Stories Canada site

I know that my site is ranking well for the search term “digital stories.” From the left menu item, Keyword Ideas, I typed “digital stories” into the orange bar near the top. As you review the 182 Keyword Ideas, you see that there are 480 people who look for the term monthly. Cost per click (CPC) is over $3, suggesting that this term has value. Paid Difficulty (PD) is how expensive it would be to pay for ads connected to the term. The SEO Difficulty (SD) is the estimated challenge of ranking in search engine results. Anything under 40 in Ubersuggest’s SD scale is considered easier to rank for.

I have the Suggestions tab open in this example. For more ideas on keywords and blogging topics, look at the Related, Questions, and Prepositions Tabs.

The Keyword Overview on the right lists the top sites for “digital stories.” As you can see, the #7 site is Story Center. They have a massive amount of links to their site, as well as social media shares.

You are able to download all of the reports in .cvs file format. That makes it easy to open with any spreadsheet application.

Ubersuggest keyword ideas related to "digital stories"
Ubersuggest keyword ideas related to "digital stories"

Another useful Ubersuggest report was the list of backlinks. Those are links from others to the Digital Stories Canada site. At a glance, I can see their Domain Score, page score, get an idea of the anchor text used in the link, and when it was published. This list of backlinks can also be downloaded as a .cvs file for future reference.

Ubersuggest report on Backlinks to Digital Stories Canada site

Give Ubersuggest a try. Take advantage of their keyword suggestions or queries. Use them to write a blog post. Create a topic that’s interesting to you and your audience.

In the next lesson, I’ll show you how I used my new-found insights to develop a more strategic SEO plan for Digital Stories Canada.