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Work with expert digital storytellers to build your community

à la carte services

Video Production

Lorna Boschman at work

A two person crew of Cinematographer/Audio recorder and Director.
Award-winning productions, created by veteran female crew. Our background is in community-based productions and collaboration.

Day rate: $1,299 includes crew, camera, microphone, lights as needed.

Moira Simpson at work

Video Editing

Lorna Boschman and the EastVan crew will edit your video productions – we are fast and reliable. Want to upload to social media? No problem – we can guide you through the technical details.

Have a lot of old footage? We can help you organize the footage so that editing runs smoothly.

Productions destined for broadcast? We can  edit your video roughly before your later session at a post house, saving you time and money.

$50/hour. Minimum $300

Family homestead, still from upcoming feature documentary Finding Ray Johnson.

custom packages

Combine video production, editing, capacity building, and digital storytelling with a purpose. Here’s how we can work with your organization:

Scenario 1: Create digital stories with members and/or clients ($5K for series of 5 workshops)

Digital Storytelling Workshop

Sebnem Ozpeta at work

For groups of up to four people, we lead a series of half-day customized digital storytelling workshops. No technical experience is required – just bring photos you’d like to include and/or short video clips. We record your voice-over during the workshop and edit the pieces together. Working with a group allows you to make rapid progress in developing your story, told as a voice-over. Everyone walks away with a minute-long video, suitable for upload to social media sites. (If we cannot finish your video during the workshop, we will edit it within 48 hours and send you a copy digitally.)

Check out the community-based stories created in partnership with grunt gallery’s Urban Screen project and Vancouver’s Quirk-e group of LGBT elders

Scenario 2: Confidential research services ($2K+)

Director Lorna Boschman has a research PhD in Interactive Arts & Technology. Her post-doctoral research was conducted at the University of British Columbia on a national research study, so she understands the parameters of confidential research. Lorna and her team have worked with multiple university-based researchers to provide production services like interviewing, editing, training, and digital storytelling services.

Scenario 3: Capacity building for interns ($65/hour, minimum $1K)

Managing interns can be a challenge – they may have skills and work strategies which are not fully developed. Do you have time to train and supervise them while still performing your own job? If not, bring in the experts! We can train your interns in numerous technical skills, developing the stories that reflect your community connection with clients, members and/or donors. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to let you know if we can help.

Scenario 4: Include digital stories while reporting ($5K+ for development, workshops, shooting and editing)

These days, reports to government funding bodies have become very dry and statistical. You may write a great report, but we can help you to tell a great story. Together we develop short video profiles of those who are served by your organization. By combining member-generated media and professionally shot and edited footage, we  put a human face back into your reporting.

Need a hand writing a speech or presentation? No problem – we have a professional writer and a former stand-up comic on our team. Let’s get together and create a dynamic talk, one that reflects your organization’s accomplishments.