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Getting ready to edit

If you are ready to start editing, begin by organising your materials in a folder named your name, your nickname or the name of your digital story. (ie Mary_Doe)

In the folder, create four sub-folders called:

  • IMAGES (Format: jpeg, png or tiff) ( Size: 1980 x 1080 (HD) or 1280×720 (720HD) or standard 720×480, NTCS)

Please number your images in order they will appear.

  • VIDEO (Format .mov, mp4 or avi) Using H.264 codec

Please name your files (with act or place or year)

  • SOUND (Format: AAIF, WAV or mp3)

Please name your sound files (Voice over, music, ambient sound, background music or sound effects)

  • DOCUMENT (Format: word, txt, pdf files)

Please name your document (storyboard, script, credit)