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Advanced E-Learning Platforms For Film and Audio Recording

Cinema Technology Education
All movies in cinemas around the world are now projected digitally, with a level of quality and security well beyond what is available in the home. Cinepedia is dedicated to educating how this technology works.


An incredible resource to take free college courses is Coursera. They offer specialisations and courses from accredited institutions that you can enrol in and receive a certificate of completion, for a fee.



MasterClass has access to courses from a handful of famous professional audio producers. Each course provides video lessons ranging from 5-12 minutes. In them, the instructor inputs educational and anecdotal insights you would use as an audio producer. You can also explore classes from instrumentalists and singers, giving you a full picture of all aspects of music creation.


Music Classes Online | Skillshare
SkillShare is a platform where you can find classes on music theory, mixing, instruments, digital audio workstations (DAWs), singing, and so much more.. You also receive a downloadable audio file to work on throughout the lessons.


You can start with a free introductory course to familiarise yourself with the platform. If you enjoy the content, you can take classes focused on higher-level production, DJing, music theory, performing, songwriting, mixing, effects, and more. Every month, Noiselab releases new courses to teach you industry trends. For a fee, you can take individual classes or you can purchase a monthly student membership that gives you access to all of their lessons.