Sharing Community Stories

Awards ceremony for storytellers with the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion

After the Community Digital Storytelling (CDS) workshop ends, the stories that have been co-created need to find their niche audience. Completing the work is a thrill, as is experiencing the community members’ reaction.

How Mentors Support Community Co-Creation

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Community Digital Storytelling grows out of our experiences in the world, shared as stories. Our strategy, as mentors developing new approaches to storytelling, is to create and hold open a receptive and welcoming space.

Healing power of community digital storytelling

In one way or another, all of the Community Storytelling practitioners interviewed referenced the healing capacity of storytelling. Evoking a full spectrum of emotions, the storytelling process is often experienced as sacred, therapeutic, cathartic, entertaining, and transformative—not only for the teller, but for those privileged enough to listen.

Creating and Holding Safe Spaces for Stories to Emerge

Brave stories require safe and supportive spaces for them to emerge into. In one on one, or smaller story-settings, creating a comfortable and safe space is primarily about the emotional qualities that a mentor or facilitator brings to the table (sincerity, curiosity, patience and openness, to name a few), whereas in larger workshops this might take the form of icebreakers, ‘community guidelines’, or community-circles.

Telling community digital stories

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How did our Digital Storytelling Initiative begin? Lorna Boschman and Venay Felton met accidentally and decided to work together to research our work in community digital storytelling.