Tips on Listening to Digital Storytellers

We don’t usually think about how we listen to storytellers. We sometimes forget that one of the most important ways to support someone who is trying to tell a story is to listen. I’ve worked with novice directors for many years. Deep and engaged listening is vital when learning about someone else’s point of view … Read more

Cleaning up scanned photos in Photoshop

Woman points in rural wooded black and white photo

Digital stories (like Agawa Canyon, pictured here) sometimes combine older photos with a freshly recorded voice-over. When people begin to gather photos for their stories, they may discover that some of their images or audio materials are not yet digital files. I’ll share the Digital Stories Canada approach to digitizing archival photos. Time to start … Read more

The first few Vancouver stories

Black and white photo

I am beginning Digital Stories Canada as a way to connect with people who want to tell a digital story. I’d also like to connect with other digital storytelling facilitators and mentors. My vision: Digital will be an online production studio and exhibition site for Canadian digital stories. It will provide art-centred resources for … Read more